Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Animal Control - Weasels and Ostriches

Your basic paint-by-number sitcom, with animals thrown in, the first episode of animal control introduces to the motley crew of animal control workers dominated by the sarcastic Frank (Joel McHale) who is no happy about being assigned a new partner , former snowboarder Shred (Michael Rowland), and attempts to get him to quit multiple times over the course of the episode before showing the smallest glimmer of compassion. If you think all this sounds like Community-lite, well of course it does.

The rest of the office is made up of the too nice boss (Vella Lovell) who Shred immediately starts crushing on, an overwhelmed family man (Ravi Patel), a hot doctor (Alvina August), and your assortment of bad co-workers from the selfish (Grace Palmer), mean (Gerry Dee), and so Karen-ish why didn't they just name her Karen (Kelli Ogmundson). There's not much going on in "Weasels and Ostriches" other than the briefest introduction to these characters and Frank being an ass for a half-hour and Shred getting caught up in escalating events which animals which quickly spiral out of control.

  • Title: Animal Control - Weasels and Ostriches
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