Thursday, October 21, 2010

Batman Beyond #5

The latest issue is a bit of a mess, but it does have its moments. On the plus side the final panel of the last issue painting Dick Grayson and the new Hush is quickly swept away. It's not Dick, it's his clone. Clone? That's right! More clones! (Maybe he should call himself the Scarlet Dark Knight?)

It seems, in an effort to keep a Batman around, Amanda Waller and Cadmus (with the help of Thomas Elliot's granddaughter) cloned Grayson and,as things are want to do in monster stories, something went wrong.

My favorite moment of the story is the short conversation between Dick and Barbara Gordon after both have learned the truth about Cadmus and the clone. I really hope the series finds a way to keep Dick around and bring him back into the fold.

We also lean the new Catwoman's identity and Bruce and Terry have a nice bonding moment. It's not a great issue, and some of the clone's super-villain banter is way too forced, but for all-encompassing Bat-fans it might still be worth a look. Hit-and-Miss.

[DC $2.99]

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