Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Chuck vs. the Aisle of Terror

The latest episode of Chuck reunites Chuck (Zachary Levi) with his long lost mother (Linda Hamilton), who claims to be a deepcover double-agent. Frost proposes to help the CIA recover a terror-inducing nerve toxin to prove her loyalty. The result? Chuck gets shot in the heart (literally). And that's just the beginning.

What Works: The episodes final twist allowing the true intentions of Frost to remain a mystery at least for another week. Morgan's (Joshua Gomez) use in the field as "the magnet." The nerve toxin. It may be a little too Bat-villain  for some, but it worked for at least the first two-thirds of the episode. Elle's (Sarah Lancaster) reaction at the end of the episode. Chuck's conversation with his mother on the way to the docks, and his explanation to Sarah about how he go there ("My mom dropped me off.")

What Doesn't: The Aisle of Terror (part of Lester and Jeff's Halloween decorations). Yeah, I know its ridiculousness is supposed to be funny, but how it's used to trap the evil scientist (guest-star Robert Englund) comes off flat. Overall, the entire middle of the episode isn't nearly as strong as its opening and closing scenes.

Final Word: For such an important episode to the overall season arc this one is a slight disappointment, but there's still plenty here to enjoy.

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