Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shadowland #4 (of 5)

With this issue Andy Diggle's Shadowland moves one merciful step closer to a conclusion. To recap: Matt Murdock has been fully possessed by a "The Beast" of the Hand making him stronger, faster, deadlier, (and forcing the horns on his costume to grow?).

Issue #4 brings The Avengers sneaking into the Hand's temple with the help of Elektra with the single purpose of taking their former friend down. Things don't go exactly as planned (even with Wolverine going all stabby-stabby on the man without fear).

Oh, and Daredevil (or the Beast, or whatever you want to call him) has decided to resurrect Bullseye and make him an agent of the Hand. Gee, I wonder who could possibly have forseen that. And the Kingpin begins moving into position to grab power once the dust settles.

Other than the Avengers getting their butts handed to them by DD and the magic ninjas (well, what would you call them?) there's really not much here. But at least we're one step closer to finally ending this once promising but poorly executed mini-event. That's something, right?

[Marvel $3.99]

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Kal said...

Boy has this one been a slog to go through. Even all the side issues have been boring. This story is just not going anywhere and like you said, I can see the twists coming down the block. Let this end soon so that I can enjoy Black Panther as the new Man Without Fear