Friday, October 15, 2010

Superman #703

Sorry Supes, but I agree with Batman on this one. You seriously need to chill out.

Wow. Just, wow. This might be the most hamfisted story writer J. Michael Straczynski has ever written (and if you've seen the last couple seasons of Babylon 5 you know that's not an easy thing to accomplish).

After an opening scene where Superman basically tortures a random citizen we move straight into the Man of Steel lecturing Batman about needing to look out for the little people. Take a moment and think about that. Superman lecturing Batman about looking out for average citizens. Really? REALLY?!

If that isn't enough we get the exact doomsday scenario Dick suggests could happen (Superman being attacked by a super-powered crazy in the middle of small town/suburban America) - in the same issue!

Now I hated what little I read of the whole New Krypton storyline but this "Grounded" arc is about as ridiculous a Superman tale as you can get. The last son of Krypton refusing to fly (unless he feels like it - like he does multiple times in this issue) and wandering the Earth in his self-righteous stupor may have sounded like a good idea to some (to who I have absolutely no idea), but it needs to end. Now.

The only reason to pick up this issue is to marvel at the ridiculousness of every single panel. At a price tag of $4, trust me, it's not worth it. Pass.

[DC $3.99]

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Kal said...

I liked the New Krypton storyline because it had a beginning, middle and end and it actually surprised me at some points. However, how hateful is this 'Superman has ennui' storyline. Save the navel gazing for some other hero who deserves to be gloomy. This is not the Superman I like.