Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bruce Wayne: The Road Home - Batman and Robin

Even if The Return of Bruce Wayne mini-series isn't finished yet, it seems like the original Batman is back in action...sort of. In the first of a series of one-shots Bruce Wayne sticks to the shadows as the mysterious "Insider," checking in on various members of the Bat-family to gauge the readiness and test their abilities.

This issue finds Bruce offering some high praise to Dick Grayson (in narration) for not only taking on the mantle of Batman and wearing it with such confidence, but also making it his own. He also gives Dick high marks for how well Damian is performing as Robin.

As with the other one-shots the thread of Vicki Vale's search for proof of Batman's real identity continues as she has dinner with Thomas Elliot and realizes for the first time the man parading himself around Gotham as Bruce Wayne is anything but.

The most interesting thing about these one-shots is who Bruce decides to tell he is back. He doesn't let on to either Dick or Damian, but does reveal himself to Tim Drake (here) and a few select others.

Even if the issue jumps the timeline of Bruce Wayne/Batman's return up faster than the rest of the DCU seems ready for, it's still a good read, and worth a look.

[DC $2.99]

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