Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Batgirl #19

After last month's magical romp with Klarion the Witch Boy (that sounded way dirtier than I meant it to), Batgirl returns to the streets to track down the speedster thief (Slipstream), try and lose her biggest fan (The Grey Ghost), and get used to the improved digs (thanks to a generious contribution by the Wayne Foundation).

We also get more of Stephanie's unsuccessful juggling of her school life, home life, and nighttime activities, as well as a couple of great panels (like this one) showcasing the humor of the character.

On the negative, I'm not sure the reveal of Slipstream's big plan makes more sense than simply emptying the various bank vaults he's hit. That said, I'm still willing to wait and see how things play out. I also thought the Barbara/Proxy showdown (i.e. here's your lesson kiddos) was a tad forced for my tastes.

Even with these minor quibbles Batgirl continues to deliver yet another good story. Worth a look.

[DC $2.99]

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