Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Teen Titans #92

Sadly, and much too soon, Damian's days with the Teen Titans come to an end. Sigh.

The second-half of the Red Robin crossover finds the Titans with a whole mess of Calculator androids to take down, robots to fight, and a super-villain to defeat.

I have to say I'm disappointed that Damian isn't going to stay with the team, but I do like Batman's epilogue at the end noticing his short stint on the Titans has already made small changes to how he operates in the field.

Drake is a better fit for the team, but it's still a bit unclear (given the ending and Red Robin's current storylines) whether Drake is staying with his old teammates or leaving as well. I think the book needs at least one Robin on the squad (and I wouldn't be adverse to both on the same team).

A good wrap-up to the storyline, but a bit of a meloncholy one if neither of these characters is back next month. Worth a look.

[DC $2.99]

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