Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Battle of the Super-Heroes

After another short intro from the "Secret Files of Batman's Greatest Cases" featuring King Tut and his armies of mummies which ar thwarted by Batman and Robin wearing mummy costumes (coated in buttermilk because "it's the one thing that repels pharoh's rays")... wait, I have to stop for a second because this, yet again, is another opening that is equal parts awesome and insane. Anywho, the real story gets started when Batman shows in Metropolis on the trail of jewel thieves, only to stay around for a few days and hang out with Superman.

There's tons to enjoy here including Lois Lane's obvious disappointment at being saved by Batman instead of Superman, Jimmy Olsen's attempts to trick Superman into revealing his secret identity, and a montage of Batman and Superman team-ups taking down Metallo and the Toyman, taking a trip to Kandor, playing with Krypto, and getting rid of Mr. Mxyzptlk (which is particularily funny for anyone who knows the craziness of Jimmy Olsen's Silver Age comic misadventures).

Things take a dark turn for Superman, and all of Metropolis, when Lois and Jimmy accidently expose the Man of Steel to Red Kryptonite and turn Superman into the biggest dick in the city. And if there's anything that's awesome, it's Superman as a total a-hole. (He even takes time out of destroying large sections of the city, declaring himself King, and shaking Kandor, to put a little girl's cat up in a tree!)

Batman attempts to stop his super-pal with the help of armor that looks more than a little that that from the end of Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns (again, awesome). The fight creates quite a bit of collateral damage, but eventually Batman is able to hold off the crazed Kryptonian until the effects of the Red Kryptonite dissipate. I'm glad to see Batman: The Brave and the Bold return, but also saddened that these will be the last episodes of a show that's really hit its stride.

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