Sunday, March 27, 2011

Planet Comicon (2011)

Planet Comicon has come and gone again. Over the past couple of years I've had the privilege of being sung to by Supergirl and leaned Tai Chi from Wilma Deering. This year I spent some time listening to Bionic Woman Lindsay Wagner tell us about a helicopter stunt which almost went very wrong, but the story ends with a great punchline. If you run into her at a convention see if she'll share it with you. Pretty cool.

As promised, I took home more than my share of goodies (including art, graphic novels, comics, and even a figure or three), saw a few friends including Transbuddha's Zolarczakl (who I only seem to run into at at Planet Comicon), as well as introduced two friends to their first ever comic convention.

The costumes were out in force this year (as were the artists). I saw tons of people dressed in some great comic and Star Wars costumes and one of the best, and perhaps the cutest, Ms. Marvel cosplay I've ever seen.

However, the highlight for me was getting to listen to Gail Simone talk about comics, the DCU, Birds of Prey, and The Secret Six. It's eery how similar the creation of Secret Six is to that of Keith Giffen's Justice League. On meeting she happily signed a copy of Secret Six for me and didn't laugh too hard when I thanked her for the awesome rejuvenation of one of my favorite Bat-villains of all-time - Catman. Very cool.

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