Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Power Girl #22

In this issue Power Girl and Superman team-up to fight magic dinsosaurs running loose in the streets of New York City. Let me say that again - Power Girl and Superman vs. Magic Dinosaurs! What more could you possibly need to know?

The B-story for part one of "Up, Up & Away" centers around Power Girl's alter-ego getting her company back. The timeline for this seems a bit off as it seems to be jumping ahead a couple of months after the events of Justice League: Generation Lost have been wrapped up. This, as you might expect, is somewhat problematic. However, I did like the scenes involving Superman talking to Kara about the problems with making her secret identity into a public figure and the possible ramifications if someone recognizes Karen Starr, CEO as Power Girl.

We also get a cameo from Zatanna, with the promise of more of her and Batman in the next issue as well. Sounds good to me. Oh, and did I mention this one has magic freakin' dinosaurs?! Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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