Saturday, June 15, 2013

Burn Notice - Forget Me Not

In the show's 100th episode Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) returns to Miami with Agent Strong (Jack Coleman) to hunt down the man (Nick Tarabay) jeopardizing nine-month undercover operation but is under strict orders not to allow his friends to know he has returned. He is, however, given permission to talk with a worried Maddie (Sharon Gless) whose questions into his whereabouts have begun to put both his life and his mission in danger.

Spying on Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar), Sam (Bruce Campbell), and Jesse's (Coby Bell) search for Gamble (Tarabay), Strong hopes Michael's friends will lead them to their target before he blows Michael's cover. While surveilling his friends Michael thinks back on his past, providing us with flashbacks to his first meeting with Fi in Ireland. Although it's been discussed and alluded to at length, it's nice to see more of Fi and Michael's time together in Ireland before she knew he worked for the CIA or his time in Miami as a burned spy.

Sam recruits his old pal Dixon (David Fickas) to help track down Gamble through the spy's complicated phone relay in the middle of a guarded warehouse that, if not for the intervention of an unseen Michael and his spiffy new CIA issue sniper rifle, would have gotten them all killed. Keeping his distance, however, has its limitations as Michael is too far away to save Fiona when she's taken hostage by Gamble who wants to tried his silence and Fi's life in exchange for talking directly to Michael Weston.

Not trusting Strong to keep Fi safe, Michael throws all caution to the wind and decides to work with his friends and his girlfriend's new lover (Stephen Martines) to save the woman he loves before the CIA gets her killed. Working with his friends and the CIA, Michael manages to come up with a risky plan to both salvage the mission and save Fi's life. Sadly, it isn't able to save their relationship. The choice to open the door on bringing Jesse and Sam in on his undercover work means I don't have to worry about not seeing Team Westen in action much longer. However, the method in which the Fi/Michael relationship ends (tying it back to the flashbacks) makes me wonder if this is really the end of the road for the pair.

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