Monday, June 24, 2013

XIII - Battlezone

XIII's Second Season comes to a close with XIII (Stuart Townsend) and Betty (Roxane Mesquida) stranded in China and XIII ordered by President Carrington (Stephen McHattie) to shut down the Chinese controlled HEARPE weapon once and for all. Rendezvousing with Barnabis (Rob Ramsay) in the Yunnan Province, the group uses his expertise to locate Dr. Ming Tang (Kerry Lai Fatt) who offers XIII the best chance to destroy the weapon with a Trojan Barnabis creates to give XIII control of the mainframe, if he can get close enough to upload it.

Back in Shanghai, Victor Gong is approached by Betty's father (Michael Ironside) who orders the doppelganger to complete his mention, find XIII, and kill him. After killing Winslow Wong (Jack Yang), who was prepared to take control of HEARPE away from Victor, the doppelganger heads to HEARPE but is too late to stop XIII from destroying the Tesla letters. Unable to aim the weapon, but still able to use it Victor threatens to use HEARPE to melt the ice caps and flood the world. With the weapon activated, XIII makes one final attempt to stop Victor Gong which will reveal XIII's relationship to his former protege and the MKUltra project.

Amos (Greg Bryk) returns to Washington and, despite her betrayal of sending him to a Chinese prison, to work for President Traymore (Ingrid Kavelaars). With his help Traymore is able to breach the Nest, falsify records of Carrington's death, and ship the President to Guantanamo where Amos has endless means and hours as his disposal to force Carrington to give him the answer to the only question that still matters to him: Where is XIII?

The season ends with another odd virtual reality battle to the death between XIII and Victor Gong (who dies virtually, be whose real fate is never determined), XIII, Betty, and Barnabis safe, the HEARPE project destroyed. The season doesn't end on a high note, but at least it's better than several episodes from the disappointing second-half of the season. As of now the show hasn't been renewed for a Third Season this might very well mark the end of XIII's adventures.

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