Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Morning Glories #27

The second season of Morning Glories begins here with Casey's return from the past thanks to Hunter and the older Jade resetting the timeline. If you think that means things are going to be less complicated from here on out, you haven't been reading this comic. After convincing they younger version of herself and her parents to enroll in Morning Glories Academy, Casey steps out of the cave with the memories, but not the mileage, of those experiences to punch Miss Hodge squarely in the jaw.

As the older Jade explains the new status quo to Hunter, the game pieces have all been reset to the their original places but the rules themselves have been completely out the window. What happens from here on out with Irina, Abraham, and the saving or destruction of the academy will largely depend on what Casey does next.

For a Morning Glories comic issue #27 is pretty straightforward. We also get to interesting features at the back of the comic including summary and supposition from "Professor Meylikhov" and a cute recap of the first season. Worth a look.

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