Sunday, June 23, 2013

Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness – Secret Admirer

Tired of being the butt of Monkey's (James Sie) constant pranks, Po (Mick Wingert) sees a chance to get even when the Panda decides to forge a love letter to Monkey from Ming (Lauren Tom), the annoying daughter of Superintendent Woo (Ken Jeong). Things quickly spiral out of control when Po realizes Monkey has real feelings for the girl and Ming has feelings not for Monkey but the Dragon Warrior.

Bao (Fred Tatasciore), Tsao (Gary Anthony Williams), and Lao (Gary Anthony Williams) also show up in the episode first kidanping Woo and Ming, and later making a second attempt at grabbing Ming while Monkey and Po fight it out after Monkey learns the truth behind Po's prank. There's also a secondary story about a sacred stone needed to prevent a war that adds an added layer of complexity to the situation (but isn't really necessary).

The episode gives us a little more background into Monkey's past as well as showcase his role as the Jade Palace's resident jokester. Although initially outraged at Po's prank, the two friends manage to put the incident behind them, save Ming a second time, prevent an unlikely war, and move on together (with Monkey getting in yet another prank at Po's expense before the episode ends).

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