Sunday, September 1, 2013

Continuum - Second Time

Loyalties are tested in the Second Season finale as Kiera (Rachel Nichols) is arrested for Agent Gardiner's (Nicholas Lea) murder, Carlos (Victor Webster) discovers Betty (Jennifer Spence) is the Liber8 mole, after Emily's (Magda Apanowicz) death Alec (Erik Knudsen) heads straight to Mr. Escher (Hugh Dillon) for answers, and Kellog (Stephen Lobo) continues to play both sides against each other as he informs Travis (Roger R. Cross) and Sonya (Lexa Doig) about Escher's plans for the time travel device and makes a deal with Kiera to see her safely home if she takes care of their Escher problem.

After Carlos helps Kiera escape police custody things get really interesting as both the Protector and Travis show up at Escher's company in super-suits. Although Kiera eventually defeats Travis, after an extended action sequence, she's unprepared for Alec's true plans which leave her stuck in the present and at the mercy of the Freelancers (who appear to be the actual good guys, protecting the time stream and removing all time travelers by imprisoning them together in an undisclosed location). And Carlos is forced into a friendship he never thought possible when the wanted cop goes to Julian Randol (Richard Harmon) for help.

The episode includes several extended scenes from 2077 including the elder Alec (William B. Davis) working with Jason (Ian Tracey), who we learn is Alec's son (and Escher is actually Alec's father), to ensure the Liber8 terrorists make it back into the past to make the changes he believes are necessary to save the future. That, along with the reveal of the Freelancers' true mission and Carlos' new friendships once again change the playing field as the show sets in motion what may be a very different Third Season.

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