Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Clipped - Big Gay Wedding

Buzzy's (George Wendt) wedding to Tommy (Reginald VelJohnson) has everyone but Charmaine (Diona Reasonover) in a festive mood. Based on her own history with wedding fallout (which it takes far too long to take anyone to point out that it doesn't apply AT ALL to the current situation involving a pair of older gay men that have no intention of having kids of their own) Charmaine momentarily talks Buzzy out of the wedding forcing Danni (Ashley Tisdale) to try and put things right.

The episode's B-story focuses on Ben's relationship with Mo (Matt Cook) runs into trouble when the barber shop's boss fails to take into account his best friend's advice (yet again) about merging the business with the tattoo parlor next door. While I appreciate the show finally working Wendt into one of the bigger storylines, with Tisdale's character only peripherally involved in either storyline the show wastes it's best asset creating another mixed result.

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