Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Clipped - Wi-Fi

While the other members of the barbershop deal with the loss in WiFi, which Ben (Ryan Pinkston) is too cheap to pay for, A.J. (Mike Castle) discovers a truth about Ben's new gym "friends" that brings him an immense amount of immediate pleasure at Ben's expense but will also force him to stand-up for his boss before the end of the episode. A storyline centered around pissing in a gym shower isn't exactly high concept, but the episode does deliver a payoff to the unusual act done at Ben's expense by turning the tables on the ringleader of the group in its closing scene.

Along with bringing back the Doyle sisters, a group I'd be perfectly happy to leave on vacation for the rest of the season, "Wi-Fi" also widens the neighborhood by introducing the barbershop's neighbor in the creepy tattoo artist whose WiFi the girls finally find their way into without having to meet any of his fetishist demands. Despite giving the episode its name these more generic scenes are largely filler for the more unexpected main story involving a character serially peed on in a public shower ultimately offering a memorable but uneven fourth episode.

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