Saturday, July 25, 2015

Doctor Fate #2

Khalid Nassour's rocky journey into becoming the DCU's new Doctor Fate continues as he stops fighting the Helm to learn a bit about where the knowledge of power it offers come from as well as save his father from a traffic accident caused by the minions of Thoth who demand a blood price our young hero is unwilling to pay.

Two issues in I'm still on the fence about Nassour as Fate. There's certainly plenty of room for Nassour to grow into the role, and I like the character, but Doctor Fate has always been one of the most powerful magic users of the DCU and it looks like some time before Nassour will ever truly command that much knowledge or power. I also have to wonder about previous Fates. Did they exist in the DCU after the New 52 relaunch? If so, are they living or dead, and might we see someone like Kent Nelson show up as potential ally or rival? Given how shabily DC relaunched its characters without answering basic questions about their backstories I have to wonder if they've even considered these questions. Until they do, and until Nassour truly grows into his role as the new Dr. Fate (complete with costume, please), I'm likely to stay a bit wary of this title. For fans.

[DC, $2.99]

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