Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Rookie Blue - Letting Go

While Nick (Peter Mooney) and Oliver (Matt Gordon) are forced to make hard choices involving family members 15 Division is on the lookout for an escaped prisoner and former MMA fighter who stabbed his doctor before fleeing the hospital. Back in the field for the first time, a situation he discovers is less appealing then he remembers now that the case into the bombing has been officially shut down, Epstein (Gregory Smith) works with Diaz (Travis Milne) to find the missing con and bring him in.

Getting a call from his estranged brother, Nick lies to Juliet (Erin Karpluk) multiple times over the course of the day once he discovers the drunk driver (Tony Nappo) who killed his family and put his brother (Peter Stebbings) in a wheelchair has been found. Confronting him with the intention of exacting some revenge, Nick is surprised by what he finds including an alternate version of events from that night that prevents him from going too far. Oliver has his own family drama to deal with when he's offered the opportunity to let his teenage daughter skate on a possessions charge by an old colleague, a decision he wrestles with for the entire episode.

Given how the show works it's obvious Oliver's decision will eventually come back to bite him in the ass. Epstein and Marlo's (Rachael Ancheril) choice to continue the case off the books continues to bring them together while Chloe (Priscilla Faia) eventually accepts the loss of her boyfriend after the week's case brutally demonstrates that she's only holding onto false hope at this point. As for Nick and Juliet, their romance finally blooms but how will this effect her real assignment within 15 Division?

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