Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Clipped - World's Rudest Barber

After a couple of lackluster episodes, Clipped finds the funny with "World's Rudest Barber." Charmaine's (Diona Reasonover) notoriety for being rude to customers gets her fired from the barbershop, but only until Ben (Ryan Pinkston) discovers he can re-brand his business and cash-in on the notoriety. Of course it doesn't take long for Buzzy's to become a toxic work environment even Charmaine begins to rebel against.

While the main storyline allows the characters to all momentarily embrace their inner bitch, the episode's back-up story ends A.J.'s (Mike Castle) hope of ever pitching again when Mo (Matt Cook) accidentally breaks his friends arm. A.J.'s unwillingness to be angry with Mo only makes him feel more guilty for his mistake causing Mo to compound the problem an unorthodox offer followed by an invasion of privacy neither of which A.J. responds to all that well. The result reveals a talent that only Danni (Ashley Tisdale) knew her friend had while ending the baseball subplot the show never seemed to have enough time to properly explore.

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