Monday, July 6, 2015

Olympus - Truth

Olympus concludes with a deafening thud as The Mercenary (Tom York), Medea (Sonita Henry), the Oracle (Sonya Cassidy), and Daedalus (Matt Frewer) struggle to find footing in the time-displaced reality of the gods where they make their way through labyrinths and visions only to discover the opportunity to view their most treasured desire is (like the series) an empty promise leaving them to be harshly judged by the gods and each other as the series comes to a close.

"Truth" is the culmination of an entire season leading up to a single moment of The Mercenary finding his way into Olympus and discovering his destiny. It's a promise that even if the series struggled mightily to get here the pay-off would be worth sticking through Olympus' ups and down. It wasn't. Instead the final episode of the series offers each character disappointment, and (in half their cases) death. It's an ending that desperately wants to be important in an out-of-the-box kind of way but only delivers disappointing ending to a series that struggled throughout its entire run to live up to its promise.

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