Monday, September 12, 2016

Everafter #1

Fables may be completed, but it seems there are still stories left to tell. Taking place in a world where magic runs rampant and no longer has to hide, Everafter #1 introduces us to The Shadow Players (network of both Fable and mundane agents tasked with policing a newly enchanted world). The first issue gives us a trio of Shadow Players (Bo Peep, Hansel, and Peter Piper) searching a zombie-infested train station for a "package" their boss wants found. Things get even more interesting with one member of the team chooses his own agenda over the mission.

Everafter #1 sells me on the concept of the issue, although for a Fables spy series there's a definite lack of Cinderella here. Although it's likely laying the groundwork for something bigger to come, the subplot of Snow White and Bigby Wolf's son joining the secret organization feels a bit shoehorned in.

While letting us know in this new world new and bizarre Fables are popping into existence, explaining the need for The Shadow Players, but is still very vague about just how this occurs and what rules (if any) the new Fables universe must play by. Worth a look.

[Vertigo, $3.99]

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