Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Longmire - One Good Memory

"One Good Memory" wraps up the search for Donna (Ally Walker). Despite tracking down Walker Browning (Callum Rennie), and further infuriating the Cumberland Sheriff (Tom Wopat) in the process, as well as identifying the person (Mac Brandt) responsible for fire-bombing the doctor's car, the true culprit (Carrie Lazar) proves to have complicated motives for kidnapping the psychiatrist. By the end of the episode Donna will be safe leaving Walt to deal with other problems (such as his pending lawsuit) over the remainder of the season.

The episode's B-story involves Henry (Lou Diamond Phillips) going to work for Mathias (Zahn McClarnon) and immediately regretting his decision when the police officer leads him into a trap. Unwilling to remain in the current situation, Henry leverages the power of Hector to renegotiate the pair's agreement once he realizes Mathias can't send him to jail without further damaging his own credibility on the rez.

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