Monday, June 5, 2017

5 Film Collection: Sci-Fi

The highlight of this three-disc set is Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity. While similar to Avatar in the movie experience isn't quite complete outside of an IMAX 3D theater, the compelling look at an astronaut's (Sandra Bullock) struggle for survival following tragedy high above Earth was compelling enough to earn the #2 spot on my best of 2013 list.

The rest of the collection certainly isn't up to that standard. However, Midnight Special is a solid film about a father (Michael Shannon) attempting to look out for his son (Jaeden Lieberher) who a cult wants for the boy's mysterious gifts.

The Book of Eli is a dopey dystopian future tale starring Denzel Washington wasteland wanderer whose prized possession a small town despot (Gary Oldman) wants to take from him. Along with a role as a town whore in that film, Mila Kunis stars in the visually pleasing but trainwreck of a movie in Jupiter Ascending as a maid who discovers she's galactic royalty based on her DNA. The final entry is Will Smith's so-so vampire film about a sole survivor struggling to survive after everyone else is turned into a monster.

[Warner Bros, $18.94]

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