Monday, June 19, 2017

Dark Matter - Welcome to the Revolution

A distress call from their handler Tabor (David Hewlett) leads the crew of the Raza to a mining colony on the edge of revolt against their corporate overlords. With Tabor nowhere to be seen, the crew meet his replacement Adrian (Mishka Th├ębaud). With no one to rescue, Two (Melissa O'Neil) wants to get off the rock as soon as possible, but Six (Roger Cross) can't help but insinuate himself into the friction between the corporate guards and the workers which leads to even further complications when blood is spilled on both sides and the force behind the more militant group of workers is revealed to be the General (Andrew Jackson).

"Welcome to the Revolution" says yet another (at least temporary) farewell to a member of the crew. Finally finding some purpose, and needing to help clean up the mess he helped escalate, Six decides to remain with the colony. Four's (Alex Mallari Jr.) decision to hunt down his friends looms large heading forward, especially with the blink drive still not operational. The ship is no less empty thanks to Adrian and his bodyguard (Ayisha Issa) snagging a lift off world and the Android's (Zoie Palmer) discovery of Sarah's (Natalie Brown) consciousness inside the ship's computer.

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