Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Detective Comics #958

Detective Comics #958 begins a new arc for the comic which will dive into a bit of Azrael's past while also bringing back a familiar face for DC fans (more on that later). While Bruce Wayne goes out of his way, even ingratiate himself to the Penguin, to get in position to attend a very private show, most of the comic centers around Azrael whose old friend shows up injured and with a warning. Tired of waiting for their avenging angel to take his rightful place, the Order of St. Dumas now has a new champion who it has let loose in Gotham to find their wayward warrior.

Azrael is a complicated character. Never intended to become Batman (even a brutal bat-shit crazy version) it's been something of a struggle for DC to know what to do with him following the events of Knightfall. As with many characters, Rebirth has given Azrael new life put to good use as part of this ensemble. The comic uses just enough of his origins here to work.

The real fun here is not from an Azrael-centric storyline but the payoff for Bruce Wayne's B-story with returns Zatanna to the DCU in glorious fashion. Here's hoping she plans on sticking around for quite awhile. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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