Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Scooby-Doo! Team-Up #26

When the city is attacked by kung fu dragons Mystery, Inc. calls in some help to deal with the situation. Who do you call when kung fu dragons attack? Hong Kong Phooey, of course.

The latest Hanna-Barbara character to show-up in the pages of Scooby-Doo! Team-Up proves to be more successful than some of the others. The comic has fun with the sheer ridiculousness of the character, a talking canine master of kung fu who never actually hits anything while still falling into the classic Scooby-Doo trope of a reasonable explanation for the bizarre circumstances the Scooby Gang stumbles into.

Uncovering the dragons are robots made for a distraction eventually leads our meddling kids to uncovering the mastermind behind the plot. The choice for Daphne to show some natural martial arts ability, and kick some robot dragon ass, is unexpected but not unwelcome as well. I wonder if this is a one-time thing or if we may see more of this in the future? Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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