Monday, March 12, 2018

Altered Carbon - The Wrong Man / Man with My Face

"The Wrong Man" and "Man with My Face" offer a possible solution to the murder investigation, explain Ortega's (Martha Higareda) obsession with Takeshi Kovacs (Joel Kinnaman) along with bringing the man out-of-time face-to-face with himself (so to speak), and wraps up the small arc of Dimi's attempts at vengeance. Ortega's flashbacks fill Kovacs in on her relationship with the man whose body he's been walking around in since his return to the living. Her life with her former partner and lover not only helps him understand why Ortega is so interested in him but also gives him some context for Dimi's hatred as well. With everything laid bare, so to speak, the two give in to a mix of feelings for each other as their relationship gets even more complicated. Making good use of actor Matt Biedel, who in the previous episode played a dumb street thug and then Ortega's grandmother, here his body becomes host to Dimi... at least until he finds one more suited for taking out his revenge.

Dimi's escape leaves Ortega hospitalized, but also brings the corruption inside the department to her attention. It's this thread she will begin tugging on which will begin to unravel a secret which Kovacs will discover on his own getting to know someone who he thought was long dead. "Man with My Face" also offers the return of Matt Frewer as the underground fight promoter who throws both Kovacs and Ortega to the wolves. The pair being saved by Kovacs's sister (Dichen Lachman) will mark a huge turning point in the series which will spend more time on both characters' pasts in the episodes to come before bringing things full circle back to the murder which brought Kovacs out of cryo-sleep.

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