Monday, March 26, 2018

Beyond - F.G.B. / There's No Home for You Here

"F.G.B." and "There's No Home for You Here" wrap up the Diego (Oscar Camacho) storyline while leaving other lingering threads for the show to deal with should the show return for another season. "F.G.B." allows Holden (Burkely Duffield) to briefly return to the Realm, which (as we've seen before) is wildly inconsistent with other flashbacks in the very ordinary looking "strange" realm. We do get a return to the giant room from Holden's memories and a conversation with an old "friend." There's also a personal sacrifice, which comes off both macabre (which I'm sure was planned) and also bizarrely humorous (which I'm sure was not) that allows Holden to seal the breach to the other dimension. Hmm, you didn't want to return that demon thing to the Realm first? Oh well, thankfully our baddie will help out with that.

"There's No Home for You Here" gives us the fight between Holden and Diego which ends on an odd note as the evil creature performs the one action (taking over Holden's body) that would allow Holden to force it back into the Realm. See, once the breaches were closed Holden could only pass a consciousness off to the Realm, not a body. By putting its consciousness inside Holden, Diego allows for the only scenario which would return it to the Realm. Getting to the edge, but chickening out at the last moment (likely to add filler drama next season), the show's writers all but confirm Holden and Charlie (Eden Brolin) together and Willa (Dilan Gwyn) moving on with Luke (Jonathan Whitesell). With the return of Frost, or whatever is walking around inside his body, the fake F.B.I. agent and whoever she works for, and the leftover baddies from Hollow Sky, it seems there's plenty to tackle in a third season.

Although we certainly see a larger effects budget for the final two episodes, Beyond continues to refuse to embrace Holden's powers. I can't tell if this is either from a monetary perspective (do they simply not have the budget to do any more than they are doing now) or from a lack of imagination from the show's writers. Either way, Holden should be growing into these powers, his parents now know the truth, and now that he has accepted a new role (thanks the bizarre covenant he makes with the Realm), hopefully we'll see a little more heroics and a little less moping around that two beautiful women both want to sleep with him.

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