Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Flash - Subject 9

"Subject 9" continues the season's larger arc as DaVoe seeks out another of the meta-humans created by the Flash's (Grant Gustin) return from the Speed Force in a musician with the ability to control sound waves. Prompted by Barry and Ralph (Devon Graye), a reluctant Izzy (Miranda MacDougall) agrees to train with the heroes who believe, for a brief second, they might stand a chance against the super-villain who has stayed one-step ahead of them this entire season. While earning his freedom, Barry discovers his return to the crime lab will have to wait until there is more closure with the DaVoe case. For now it appears Barry will have to do his crime fighting in a blur of scarlet and gold.

The episode's B-story, involving Harry (Tom Cavanagh) helping out Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) is a bit goofy, but I did appreciate how the episode eventually wrapped it into the main arc (although at this point I'm wondering why they haven't let Cecile read DaVoe's mind to discover his weakness?). While I understand the idea of making Barry impatient because of his speed, I don't like to see the show use it as a crutch to make him reckless when he knows better (which eventually leads into the episode's tragic ending everyone but Team Flash saw coming). As for DaVoe, despite another victory, we do learn that our super-villain is jumping bodies at this point more out of necessity than simply trying on a new skin. The idea to trap him in a body that is breaking down was a good plan, and one I wouldn't be surprised to see the team return to at some point, but for now there are still metas to find and I doubt will see the team make any big advance in the war against DaVoe until far later in the season.

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