Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Batman #43

"Everyone Loves Ivy" concludes as Catwoman spends time with the woman who has taken the world, providing just enough distraction for Batman to put his plan into action and release the one person from Ivy's control who may be able to talk the super-villain out of remaking the world in her image.

Heading into the Batman/Catwoman wedding, Batman #43 offers us all three of the Gotham Sirens at something of a crossroads. Harley Quinn has taken more of an anti/quasi-hero role in recent years and this issues suggests something may be possible for Ivy as well.

The issue hints at a deeper relationship between Pamela and Harley without ever confirming something more than friendship. There does seem to be quite a bit unsaid, and I wonder if this was by design or possibly DC getting cold feet about stating something unequivocally about the two characters. Either way, the story still works, even if the bit about the Riddler tricking Pamela, and continuity seemingly wiping away her more murderous past, does have me wondering just who the current version of Poison Ivy is. Worth a look.

[DC, $3.99]

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