Thursday, March 8, 2018

Life Sentence - Pilot

The new series form The CW stars Lucy Hale as Stella Abbott. In the opening scene we learn about Stella, her struggle for years with cancer, a wirlwind romance and marriage in Paris, and a mission to live each day as if it could be her last. On the heels of all of this Stella discovers that an experimental procedure has saved her life. Following her family's jubilation over the news, however, life begins to set in with all kinds of changes Stella isn't prepared to face including her parents' sudden separation, eight years of family secrets her brother (Jayson Blair), sister (Brooke Lyons), mother (Gillian Vigman) and father (Dylan Walsh) have been keeping from her, and a husband (Elliot Knight) uncertain if he can keep up the same level of wedding bliss indefinitely.

The show's first episode is high on shocking reveals, off-beat humor, and a protagonist who stumbles her way through plenty of both before finding some balance with the realities of a living a longer life than she ever thought possible. Hale is terrific, and the show's supporting cast is strong enough to offer several possibilities for the zaniness to continue (and eight years of lies certainly leaves plenty of room for unexpected surprises to creep up from time to time). I'll be curious to see whether or not Life Sentence can keep the same tone over a full season. Even if it can't, the "Pilot" is a pleasant surprise and I'm looking forward to finding out how much life this one has in it.

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