Thursday, September 13, 2018

Elementary - Fit to Be Tied

The penultimate episode of Elementary's Sixth Season takes some surprising turns. The serial killer Michael (Desmond Harrington) returns to New York City and a new victim appears soon after. However, things aren't as they appear. Despite the evidence to the contrary, and the hopes of the FBI nabbing the serial killer, Michael is actually innocent of the crime. However, while still believing the victim to belong to him, Watson (Lucy Liu) delves into Michael's past and makes a discovery that will make her Michael's next intended victim.

The twist of Michael being innocent, and not playing cat-and-mouse with the NYPD is the first twist. The second happens when Michael shows up dead. Given the brutal beating Watson took at the hands of Michael (in one of the show's most brutal sequences), it's no wonder that the FBI consider her to be the prime suspect. But could Watson be capable of such action? And even so, will Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) go to any lengths to protect his partner? The season is certainly offering a much different finale that what it seemed to be building to. I'll be curious to see just how things pan out for Holmes and Watson as the truth is revealed.

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