Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Elementary - The Geek Interpreter

There are several pieces in play with "The Geek Interpreter" including the return of Rich Sommer as Holmes' (Jonny Lee Miller) pet mathematician Harlan Emple, the kidnapping of one of Harlan's graduate students, an elaborate scheme to profit off of land rights, murder, and Watson (Lucy Liu) sticking her nose into Sherlock Holmes' love life. The later also allows for the return of Alia Attallah as Holmes' friend with benefits who it seems may turn into something more (although I'm not holding my breath). And, once again, we get another mention of Moriarty. Although she won't return this season, the final two episodes will return to focus on Holmes' newest frenemy, I do wonder if we my get to see "the woman" when Elementary returns for its Seventh Season.

While there may be clever motives being the kidnapping plot, its far from one of the show's most dramatic cases (flood plains and insurance rights don't make for real compelling television). However, it provides it share of moments, particularly in watching Holmes react to Harlan's fears concerning the woman he's continued to love from afar. The return of Athena as the possibility of more for Holmes just as Michael (Desmond Harrington) is set to return makes the cynic in me wonder if she will be a casualty of their battle.

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