Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Take Two - It Takes a Thief

When a friend's gallery is robbed of a priceless painting just days before it was to go up for auction, (Rachel Bilson) and Eddie (Eddie Cibrian) work to recover the painting as discreetly as possible. What they find is a master thief (Sara Canning) hired by a cutthroat businessman (Nicholas Lea) whose interest in the theft is more about destroying the gallery's reputation and putting them out of business than any love for the artwork. The episode is reminiscent of the Castle episode "Eye of the Beholder" where a female thief also showed attraction to one of the partners and provided assistance on solving the case. What's odd here is the episode makes poor use of the thief, who displays none of her sills on-screen and, like Sam's new beau, is really just a plot device to bring the detectives closer together.

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