Monday, April 1, 2019

Legacies - There's Always a Loophole

The First Season finale of Legacies features an invasion of the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted by Triad Industries, which could only have been executed by the safeguard plans already put in place by Alaric (Matthew Davis) and a big hero moment for Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) in leaving the school's protection to her friends and rescuing Landon (Aria Shahghasemi) from Malivore. Both look to have large implications on the show's sophomore season.

The invasion storyline offers the show a chance to showcase their large supporting cast who is able to expel Triad thanks to MG (Quincy Fouse) making a hard choice. Josie (Kaylee Bryant) and Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) both attempting to save the other help heal the rift between the twins and provide Hope with the answer to all of their troubles when she isn't affected by the same Malivore bullet that is slowly killing Josie from the inside. There is indeed a loophole to Malivore's rise, and Hope is able to find it and (apparently) destroy its existence in this dimension. The question now becomes, who will save her now that no one in this reality even remembers she ever existed (and how might the mystery box from Alaric's office tie-in)?

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