Thursday, April 11, 2019

Whiskey Cavalier - Spain, Trains, and Automobiles

Will (Scott Foley) and Frankie (Lauren Cohan) head to Spain to prevent Will's old enemy (Dash Mihok) from selling stolen plutonium on the black market. Amazed to discover that there is someone on the planet who Will actually hates, Fankie does what she can to keep the mission alive (even after securing the plutonium) to give Will closure allowing them to complete the mission with the added bonus of taking down a fellow soldier who attempted to kill Will in the field years ago for not going along with his smuggling side business. The B-story somewhat ties in as Standish (Tyler James Williams) gets a nemesis of his own and struggles with a new relationship (just like Will).

I'm pleasantly surprised that Ophelia Lovibond remains part of the series as given the early fight between Will and his English spy girlfriend (who isn't happy to be pulled off her current assignment to work as back-up for Will's team) and the possibility of an extreme reaction to finding Will and Frankie shacked up together enjoying lots of wine in the Spanish countryside. The episode goes a long way to help smooth out the tension between the partners to more acceptable levels (while also cluing Frankie in on her partner's better qualities). While the writing seems to be on the wall that Emma and Will won't last that long, it's good to see Lovibond sticking around a bit longer.

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