Monday, April 22, 2019

Miss Sherlock - The First Case

Produced by HBO Asia and Hulu Japan, Miss Sherlock re-imagines the famous detective Sherlock Holmes in modern day Tokyo where both Sherlock and Watson are women. "The First Case" introduces us to Dr. Wato (Shihori Kanjiya) who returns from Syria only to watch a friend killed in a mysterious and brutal way. It's the murders of the first episode, where a health tracking pill has been weaponized by a killer to explode inside the victim, that stand out in the first episode. While talking to the police, Wato runs into a peculiar consulting detective nicknamed Sherlock (Y√Ľko Takeuchi) who she will latch onto in order to discover who murdered her friend.

While I don't think the series premiere is as good as either that of Elementary or Sherlock, the basics are covered and it certainly gets points for the unusual murder. We're also introduced to Sherlock's brother who suggests the out-of-work Wato consider moving in with his sister (after Wato provides a crucial piece of evidence that helps Sherlock solve the case). There's enough here to keep my interest for at least a few episodes to see just how Sherlock and Wato's partnership develops and what other kinds of mysterious crimes they may uncover in Tokyo.

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