Monday, April 1, 2019

Whiskey Cavalier - The English Job

Ophelia Lovibond guest-stars as a member of MI5 when Will (Scott Foley) and Frankie (Lauren Cohan) head to England with the team. The case involves a string of high-end robberies and murder, the true motives for Will and Frankie only discover after going undercover as part of the crew. However, when someone betrays them Frankie is all to eager to point to the doe-eyed Emma (Lovibond) whose chemistry with her partner Frankie has trouble processing.

Along with introducing Lovibond (who apparently will be sticking around for at least another episode) and a secret dark cabal working around the globe (who I'm sure we'll see more of this season as well), "The English Job" also offers a pair of B-stories involving Standish (Tyler James Williams) getting over a near-death experience in the field in the opening scene and Ray (Josh Hopkins) and Susan (Ana Ortiz) having some fun at Jai's (Vir Das) expense. The B-stories perform adequately, but the Emma / Will / Frankie triangle is the highlight of the episode. While the obvious conclusion to this arc is to send Emma packing (or kill her off), I'm hoping the series' writers can find a way to keep her around as long as possible.

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