Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Uncanny X-Men #15

Uncanny X-Men #15 is most notable for a single change to one of the brand's oldest characters, but we'll get to that in a second. The comic also features an impromptu pow-wow between Cyclops and Captain America when the Avenger offers his off-the-books help in dealing with the prisoners Scott Summers' rag-tag band of X-Men has been accumulating. The comic also shows us just what the Dark Beast has been up to while the X-Men have had their focus elsewhere. And... yes, there's Hope shooting her grandfather in the head (and Logan shish-kabobing the young woman).

While certainly memorable, I have very mixed feelings on Marvel taking one of Cyclops eyes (in the design of his Age of Apocalypse alternate version). Hope, who Scott sacrificed everything to save, taking the shot certainly resonates with the characters as the X-Men attempt to prevent the Mutant Liberation Front from killing everyone's favorite anti-mutant politician. But did we really need a literal one-eyed Cyclops? Hrm... unless of course there's a mutant out there with eye-restoration powers? For fans.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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