Monday, December 30, 2019

Batman & the Outsiders #8

Despite a late betrayal by one of their own, the Outsiders successfully return to Gotham City with Sofia Ramos in Batman & the Outsiders #8. Opening with the betrayal of Kaliber, the latest issue of the series confirms the death of Alfred has been what has kept Batman from being in the field with the Outsiders over the comic's first arc.

It also offers a look at the Batcave through new eyes as Sofia takes another step into the world of heroes and villains while providing a pair of nice moments between Sofia and Katana, and between Signal and Cassandra who offer each other support after the turmoil of recent events.

Despite the team's victory in extracting Sofia from Ra's al Ghul's clutches, the comic is far from done with the Demon's Head who has begun taking his revenge on the Dark Knight's pupils with the corruption of Signal, a jibe at Cassandra's destiny, and a hitting Black Lightning where he lives. Far from being finished, it looks like Ra's has just begun. The question is, after he's done how many Outsiders will still be standing? Worth a look.

[DC, $3.99]

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