Wednesday, December 18, 2019

NCIS - The North Pole

In a callback to "Out of Darkness" and "Into the Light" which returned Cote de Pablo as Ziva David, "The North Pole" deals with the remaining mission Ziva wished to accomplish before returning to her family. The set-up of NCIS' involvement is a bit awkward involving Odette Malone (Elayn J. Taylor) lying and tricking Bishop (Emily Wickersham) in order to secure the help of NCIS in the attempt to save a contact and friend of Ziva's who was her lifeline during her years on underground. The twist the episode involves the reveal that the Sahar (Mouzam Makkar) killed was a lieutenant and not the true terrorist leader (Louise Barnes) who has been living under Gibb's nose all this time.

The killing of Sahar to save Ziva is a not-so-subtle reversal of Ziva saving Gibbs from her brother all those years ago. The aftermath of Gibbs' actions leaves a child without a mother, meat for several B-stories in the months to come, and Ziva temporarily on-hold with her family in hiding until they can be sure all of Sahar's network (which uncovered the existence of her daughter) has been dealt with. The episode also softens the show's stance on Ziva blaming Gibbs for not realizing she was alive, though the two do argue repeatedly over the course of the episode before finding common ground again, and admits that Tony has known the truth for a long time. While teasing us with Ziva's possible death in the episode, she does manage to survive, although it is still unclear whether or not the show will offer fans a Ziva and Tony reunion.

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