Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Batwoman - A Mad Tea-Party

Alice (Rachel Skarsten) makes us of Mouse's (Sam Littlefield) unique talents and skin-mask fetish, and Batwoman makes use of some questionable writing, in taking revenge against those she blames for her years in captivity. "A Mad Tea-Party" offers the death of one member of the Kane family and looming trouble for another as Alice murders Catherine (Elizabeth Anweis), after first ruining her good name, and frames Jacob (Dougray Scott) for... something? I guess the GCPD understand, as they are quick to arrest Jacob on what I guess are supposed to be serious charges (ignoring all the fake Crows scattered across the gala, the drugs in his system, and any manner of other obvious evidence about peculiarities of the night's activities).

In terms of larger arcs, the show's final pre-Crisis episode does offer a turning point in the Alice/Kate (Ruby Rose) dynamic as Alice's actions prove to be the tipping point in Kate's struggle to save her sister (rather than simply take down a villain - which she had yet another chance to do prior to the night Alice took her revenge). The show also continues Sophie's (Meagan Tandy) drama with Tyler (Greyston Holt) whose understanding of his wife's prior relationship to Kate doesn't stop him from nagging her about it every five seconds. That too, at least in the short-term, appears to be done with as Tyler gives his wife space to sort out her feelings (in a passive-aggressive attempt attempt to look compassionate). What a guy.

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