Monday, December 16, 2019

Hawaii Five-0 - Ka i ka 'ino, no ka 'ino

Adam Noshimuri (Ian Anthony Dale) continues his role of stand-in for Chin-Ho as the team member to be attacked and framed for various crimes, repeatedly. Following the events of the previous episode, which involved Tamiko (Brittany Ishibashi) being kidnapped and her father murdered, and those responsible looking to frame him, Adam steps away from Five-0 without explanation looking towards his past to set-up a new future for himself and Tamiko. While not involved in the investigation, both McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) and Danny (Scott Caan) attempt to talk to Adam, but it looks like Adam's days on the side of angels has come to an end.

The other storyline, which involves a helicopter shot down with a rocket launcher and the theft of a stash house full of old Soviet ordinance, introduces a new ongoing villain to the series with ties to the past. Daiyu Mei (Eugenia Yuan) sneaks onto the island, sets up the raid on the weapons house, the sell of those weapons, and the death of the helicopter pilot all while staying three steps ahead of Five-0. While Five-0 uncovers a connection to the weapons and Wo Fat, it's not until the final scene that the personal connection between Daiyu Mei and Wo Fat is revealed foreshadowing more trouble for McGarrett and Five-0 when the show returns in January.

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