Monday, December 16, 2019

Ghost-Spider #4

Things seem to be looking up for our hero. Gwen has managed to balance life between two separate Earths well, although there are forces in both worlds looking at her with keen interest. Miles Warren's obsession with this new Gwen Stacy leads the professor/super-villain to follow our hero back to her own Earth (where another Jackal and Man-Wolf have their own plans for revenge against Ghost-Spider). Will there be a Jackal team-up? Or will the pair fight each other for Gwen?

Keeping busy by crime-fighting on both Earths (we get to see a little of this as Spider-Gwen defuses a hostage situation at a hospital), attending her classes, and even making band practice without a sweat, but despite appearances there are issues Gwen is just starting to notice (for instance her missing classmates).

While it's interesting to see Gwen overwhelmed, which we saw at the beginning of the relaunched title, it's also nice to see her breathe a bit and get a foothold on the new life she's carved out for herself. There's plenty of trouble on the way (including one of the Warrens' plans to destroy Gwen's suit), but that's a problem to deal with tomorrow. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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