Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Once and Future #4

Issue #4 begins to fill in some gaps as both Duncan and Rose begin to understand their role in the story that is slowly unfolding as zombie knights of Camelot show up in the Grail Castle to begin the quest. Rose, it appears, will be the brains of the operation, while Duncan's middle name offers a clue to his role in the story. As the new Galahad begins the search for the Grail our heroes have another contemporary of an even older Grail Knight to lead their search.

There's a bit of action here as we get to see one of the zombie knights make swift work of some local policemen, but the main purpose of Once and Future #4 is to continue building the story as Bridgette works to sell Rose and her grandson on their roles in the story that is unfolding around them (whether or not they choose to accept it).

The comic also offers a quick cameo to another member of Duncan's bizarre family, which in turn reveals a bit more about Bridgette and how she's been pulling strings for years to prevent what is currently unfolding (although the cliffhanger ending makes it look like she'll need a bit of help to keep going). Worth a look.

[BOOM!, $3.99]

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