Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Dungeons & Dragons: At the Spine of the World #2

Runa, Saarvin, Patience, Amos, and Belvyre continue their trek across the icy Icewind Dale in a second issue that offers quite a bit of bickering among the group prior to them taking shelter in a cave and then getting a good look at the Zombie Frost Giants following them.

The giants are fun, as is the back and forth between our unlikely group that is balanced by the quick friendship forged between Runa and Saarvin. I also quite enjoyed some of the reaction shots we get in this issue from artist Martin Coccolo as events play out.

Featuring quite a bit of action in the second-half of the story, and betrayal from one member of the group, the issue concludes the first-half of the four-issue mini-series with disaster as our characters have never been further from their goal of discovering the hidden mystical city. We get even more dark foreboding with another example of the power of Chardalyn to drive even the most virtuous insane as we're left to wonder how the band will get out of their latest trouble.

[IDW, $3.99]

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