Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Miss Sherlock - Stella Maris

A severed ear and finger, from separate victims, sent through the mail to a politician (Yuki Saitô) piques Sherlock's (Yûko Takeuchi) interest in an unusual case. Each body part is traced back to a member of the police force, but each is adorned with an item that does not belong to either victim. Instead they belong to a hit-and-run victim of the politician years before, and it's the victim's father who has come after those responsible for covering up his crime. The unusual case is interesting to see unfold, although the episode is more memorable for Sherlock discovering that Dr. Wato (Shihori Kanjiya) can be useful on a case and the final scene in which she uncovers the existence of Akira Moriwaki who is the head of the secret organization known as Stella Maris.

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