Monday, January 4, 2021

Firefly: Blue Sun Rising #1

Firefly: Blue Sun Rising #1 concludes the Blue Sun arc that gave fans a look at the operations of the Blue Sun Corproation which was set-up in the television show's original run but never fully developed. The arc, which takes place before the events of Serenity, also sets up the location of Haven as this issue marks the departure of Shepherd Book from Serenity as well of the temporary departure of several other members of the crew.

Despite not reading the issues prior, Firefly: Blue Sun Rising #1 is easy to follow as it sticks to the show's standard set-up. The storyline involves Malcolm Reynolds and company picking a fight with Blue Sun. As the comic opens, Serenity is dead in space thanks to Blue Sun's technology powering several of the ship's systems. Only a quick fix allows for the survival of the ship and crew thanks to borrowing parts from one of the ship's passengers.

The issue concludes with Mal taking the fight to Blue Sun, and making an unlikely alliance, to resolve the captain's current problems (while likely creating new ones in the future).

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